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Tondou was named after one of the busiest ports in the Ryukyu kingdom (Now Okinawa). The port was once a flourishing spot of cultural exchange between the Ryukyu people and the people outside of the kingdom. We wanted to embody the same spirit as Tondou port, to bring people together, as a place of exchanging experiences and happiness.


Tondou Ramen was first established in 2001 at the Yokohama Ramen Museum with a mission to spread Okinawan ramen culture not just in Japan
but to the world. 
In 2018 we opened our first Canadian location, in the heart of Toronto's Little Italy. Since then We are committed to making the best, most delicious Okinawan dishes as well as providing our guests with the warmest Okinawan hospitality.


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**Important notice** We currently only accept 1 bill per table in order to provide the best dine in experience.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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